16 January, 2011

Acorn Squash and Potato Soup

The Dread-Pirate Sparsebeard came up with a wonderful, nutritious soup today, and I've been asked to share the recipe.

5 small potatoes (peeled and chopped)
1 litre of chicken stock (low-sodium, organic and grass-fed, if possible)
1 acorn squash (cooked and chopped)
2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
1/4 of a large, sweet onion (or 1/2 small) minced
@ 1 tsp. dried basil, crumbled into pot
1/4 - 1/2 tsp. dried thyme (we used powdered, but you could use fresh or dried leaves)
4 cloves garlic (which we left out: hubby is allergic to it)
1 celery rib (we used the large, ribbed stalks from our red chard)
1/4 c. dry white wine (or cooking wine)
salt and white pepper to taste (we used sea salt and 1/4 tsp. ground black pepper)

You could saute' the onion in olive oil, but Hubby tossed everything in the pot together and cooked it till the squash and chopped potato were softened. Then he blended and smashed them with a potato masher.

Add a little more chicken broth if needed, to bring to your desired consistency. We like it a little thick and creamy, like a bisque.

I don't use milk or cheese, so this is a great vegan alternative, substituting the chicken broth with veggie broth, of course. Hubby likes to grate some cheese over the top of his serving.



03 January, 2011

CM friends Christmas Gathering

I'm finally able to sit and resize photos from before the Christmas holiday. I've been anxious to get these uploaded to add to my collection from previous years. I appreciate the ladies in my book club so much. We always have interesting discussions of Charlotte Mason's books, but we also are a group that is big on encouraging each other in Motherhood.

1/5 of our usual bookclub attendance ~ some years are just so busy for everyone, and some were recovering from illness or surgery. Some have children in city choirs and had their Christmas concert that night!

Here we took a breath and relaxed for a second pose.

This is the book mark that I made to give this year. I have always made them in warm colors in the past. This year, I had some blue book cloth leftover that was too small for a book repair. Viola...perfect size for a bookmark!

Lori, whose home we've been blessed to meet in for the last six months.


Krista, who chose the number (in our gift exchange) that corresponded with this lovely journal book and bookmark.

Kim W

and here I am, reading aloud, as I love to do!

This is the bookmark that I scored! It is laminated in hard plastic, which is very handy.

Don't you just love these? I think CM bookclubs should spring up all over the country, and members should make bookmarks with favorite Charlotte educational or parenting quotes!

That is your challenge, dear reader, for the New Year, should you choose to accept it!
It is enriching, meeting these kindred spirits and new-to-lifelong learning moms. Even moreso than meeting them and sharing online. :-)

Lets just call it an added bonus, shall we?


02 January, 2011

New Years' Day and Golden Friends

Our friends, who hosted our gathering, and Hubby, aka "The Dread-Pirate Sparsebeard"

A Golden Chain

Friendship is a Golden Chain,
The links are friends so dear,
And like a rare and precious jewel
It's treasured more each year...
It's clasped together firmly
With a love that's deep and true,
And it's rich with happy memories
And fond recollections, too...

Time can't destroy its beauty
For, as long as memory lives,
Years can't erase the pleasure
That the joy of friendship gives...

For friendship is a priceless gift
That can't be bought or sold,
But to have an understanding friend
Is worth far more than gold...

And the Golden Chain of Friendship
Is a strong and blessed tie
Binding kindred hearts together
As the years go passing by.

~Helen Steiner Rice

Talking to her Honey who called her from Iraq to say Happy New Year