03 March, 2013

Taking time to read a good book

I am so glad my favorite author of the last decade is so prolific. Alexander McCall Smith has five or six ongoing series from which to choose.

I started with the Portuguese Irregular Verbs series. Next came The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency Series. Then I began the Isabel Dalhousie Sunday Philosophy Club series. Lately, I jumped into the 44 Scotland Street books.

There are just some truly warming, light, fun moments in these books, but every series includes the best life philosophy quotes. I love the way the author looks at the world through the eyes of all his different characters: young and old, male and female.

Here is my latest underlined quote:

"How about some chocolate?" Nobody had ever said that to Bertie before. It was not a complex phrase, but its power, its sheer, overwhelming sense of gift and possibility filled Bertie with awe. Well might more of us say these words to others, and more frequently - how healing would that prove to be. "Look, we've had our differences, but how about some chocolate?" Or: "I'm so sorry, how about some chocolate?" Or simply: "Great to see you! How about some chocolate?" ~ from The Importance of Being Seven (pg. 244) by Alexander McCall Smith

Isn't that delightful?

I am a strong believer in daily reading that delights and feeds the soul. We should have other books going, yes. Books that challenge us and make us think. I like sharing with you all books that are light and warm that also happen to challenge and make us think, as well as warm our hearts.

What books are you reading as we wrap up winter and head toward Daylight Savings Time in just about a week?

Happy Spring! (Meteorological spring, anyway :-)


01 March, 2013

late winter birding

American Goldfinch

These babies came back to our yard about a month ago, just in time for the Great Backyard Bird Count. We have 6-8 of them coming in regularly to feed.

I truly wish I had offered more entries on birding over the last year, but I find it more and more difficult to blog. It is so much easier to post photos to facebook and get more responses there! :::sigh::: to the changing face of social networking...

More later. I really do wish to write and publish more backyard birding confessions and photos. Maybe now that things have settled down somewhat. Well, with the exception of our last child's May graduation from high school and leap into more responsibililty.

Did any of my readers participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count?