31 December, 2011

Last Day of 2011

Is this New Year's Eve?? It's 73 degrees outside, and sunny!
Oh, and the birds are very active!

Happy New Year's Eve, my friends :-)


19 December, 2011

One of my hobbies...

As we move through December, I noticed how behind I have gotten on my blog. Blame it on teaching a couple more classes than I have in a couple of years, or on the fact that Facebook has become my one-stop info source.

It has been a busy Autumn, with two weddings in the family, one of which I photoraphed in its entirety. THAT was a good time :-).

On to my hobby: observing birds through a camera lens. I've been doing this for two-three years now, and I have learned so many little things.

We've seen new visitors to the feeders in the last few days, like these American Goldfinches. These are the most we've had at once...they seem to have descended upon us like never before, and it is exciting! I love nature study and have come to love birding in a way that I never imagined.

So in between Spanish class prep and grading, crafting, a little shopping, and prepping for Christmas, this is what keeps me busy.

What critters are you noticing in your neck of the woods?