22 April, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It is taking off after some rain and now some heat!

Hubby removed the grass from half of the garden edges, but we still need to finish the left side and put the rocks back in place. (photo above)

swiss chard - we also have red chard, but it is still very small.


yellow squash

yellow squash

above is a rogue set of plants that grew from our compost. I thought it might be cantaloupe, but it could also be cucumber!


Green bean seedlings that need to be placed in the garden very soon!

snow peas just coming up (by the fence, far left) herbs (sage, thyme, oregano, even dill) left corner of the photo. Zuchini on the right, tomatoes in the middle, peppers (bell and jalapeno) upper left corner.

We also need more mulch, maybe we'll get it this weekend. I already need to get after some weeds and nutgrass.

What are you growing?


21 April, 2011

To a Child Born in April

Two of our four children were born in April, our married daughter and our youngest son, who is turning 16.

My husband, my mother, and sister, brother and my late Granny, and several nieces and nephews, also have April birthdays. We love April! This poem is for them (replace maid and lassie with 'Lad' for the boys ;-)

To a Child Born in April

by K.E.W.
Parents' Review magazine, 1893-94
vol. 4 pg. 361

Happy little April maid
Who in early childhood played,
In the father-tended glade,
All among the flowers!

Happy that thy mother's heart
Knows so well it's mother's part,
To be glad, for glad thou art
Babe of April joys.

Never mind the April showers
The will bring us lovely flowers;
God sends beauty, it is ours.
Wreathe thy happy brows!

Every little leaf and bud
Cowslip field and primrose wood
All for thee, to do thee good,
Skip then with the lambs!

Sing sweet April lassie sing
Thou art part of a joyous spring
Earth is thine, and Christ thy king
Praise him with the birds.

13 April, 2011

The ducks are baaaaccckkk!

I simply love it when the ducks return to our yard every spring!

02 April, 2011

Veggie Garden Prep 2011

Heirloom tomatoes and peppers
Herbs and squash
Our organic kale seedlings

The kale is looking good! We started these about two months ago.

spinach, chard, kale, others

All these seedlings are just about ready to go in here. Today, hubs is working in the last bit of enriching organic matter. We had a lot of good compost from our bin this year, but with our clay soil, we still needed more good soil and manure.

Thankful that spring is here, and thankful for a gorgeous weekend!