24 March, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Wedding Edition

My Dad's first dance ever

Rehearsal Day

Our other bride and groom from last July

09 March, 2010

A few more details

We have chosen our cake and it is scrumptious! The bride's cake flavor is 'cuatro leches' which has a Latin-American flair. That's pretty cool if you ask me, since the kids met in [my] Spanish class almost five years ago. Ky wants each of the cakes to have a different toasted meringue texture on the outside but they will all be the same on the inside. Her daddy, my Hubster, is making the mahogany cakestands in various heights to display them on the bride's table. Picture to follow when they are finished :-).

I washed 164 cloth napkins in the last 24 hours. I'll be ironing them for a while, haha! These are in the wedding colors of persimmon, butter cream (or canary yellow), and chocolate brown. We have @ 165 rsvp's which include pre-schoolers and toddlers, so this should work just fine for us.

I got to rent more tables and chairs today as the rsvp number increased.

I also found a fantastic website to help me out with purchasing massive pounds of vegetables for the hors d'oevres table. It is also good for how much meat and veggies you would need to purchase for large parties and weddings.

I hope you enjoy this peek into our wedding planning journey, which is nearing an end before we know it. The big day is only eleven days away, and we want everything to be set up and ready ten days from now.


07 March, 2010

Sewing for the Wedding

This is what I'd love for us to be able to pull off!! Haha

We do have all the brown, yellowish-cream, and red-orange napkins that we could need, the canning jars, and some neat, old-fashioned items, which is a start.

One of the neatest ways to save money on a wedding is to do some of the sewing yourself, or find friends who can cut and sew and throw a crafting gathering. Provide snacks and drinks and enjoy the fellowship of friends and family. Talk about the possibility for Titus two moments and wonderful building of shared memories...this will do it!

We will probably stick with something simpler like the following that we put together on one of our craft days with friends:

We found the fabric on the clearance bins at our local fabric store, and the shades were exactly what we needed.

Here, you find us cutting and sewing together the wedding favors, which are heart shaped sachets.

Yep, that's me. I thought my eyes were going to swell shut from sewing at least 75 of these, then my friend (sitting next to me at the other sewing machine) handed me a chocolate and caramel Cadbury bar! It perked me right up.

The heart sachets are almost finished!

Tomorrow is another craft day. We'll bustle up Ky's dress so it is easier to wear during the reception. We'll also finish our centerpiece fabric cloth mats and sewing up the padded hearts. We plan to embroider on the hearts, as well.

We've a couple of birds to paint to look like Starlings, and we got our cake tasting finished today.

It has been a busy weekend, since we also moved our dd out of her apartment in the city, cleaned with her, and got half her things put into storage. All in the rain.

Yes, it has been a busy weekend.


Wedding Shower

I wanted to share some of the neat things my friend and her daughter made for Ky's wedding shower, which was yesterday. I especially love the gift boxes made of beautiful papers that Ky chose. They are filled with Hershey's kisses and tied with organza ribbon that matches some of the fabrics we'll have in the wedding decor.

I'll tell you about the heart sachets later.

Just have a few shots of the yummy spread provided by a dear friend for Ky's shower

We enjoyed the company of friends, those younger, co-workers of Ky at S'bux, and those of us who've known Kylie since she was born :-). We are blessed with such good family and friends from several church families and community. A couple of the neatest moments were:

Everyone sharing how they met Ky and how long they've known her; about their friendship with her and or with our family.

The next neat idea was my friend, Sylvia's. She had everyone share a favorite family recipe on personalized, sunflower stamped recipe cards. My sister-in-law and one of our oldest friends took this idea a step further by giving gifts of the exact items needed to make their favorite family recipe. I just thought that was so personal and thoughtful. I'll have to post photos of those items in another post. Really, it was so neat.

Our hostess took more photos, and I'll post those another time! She got some really neat gifts; personal ones that weren't just straight from the gift registry.


05 March, 2010

The Final Push

Jordan and I drove to the Park and lake today, the most gorgeous day we've seen in a long time. The Spring Peepers are singing 'en masse' which is a TRUE harbinger of the changing of the seasons. Spring has indeed arrived!

Check out this view!! We have many fun, family memories at this lake, so it is a rather special venue.

We are 14 days away from rehearsal and set-up for the wedding, so today was the day to get the final rental information calculated, reserved, and paid for. THIS makes it one of those milestone days. I went to the meeting center at the lake this morning to do exact measurements for our rental needs. To my relief, I believe everyone is going to fit! We have 125 confirmed coming to the wedding, and it is not as easy to figure out seating as one might think!

The park conference hall has 10 rectangular tables, but that is not enough. We will need to use at least three of those for hors d'oevres and the lunch buffet, and another one for the cakes. Calculating around those, then, we worked in some 60" round tables to fill in the gaps. Hopefully it will be a sunny, mild day, so we can put a couple of them outside if necessary, but we can also have the ceremony outside the hall, as well, and have the reception all pre-set and prepared in the hall.

outdoor area for gazebo and ceremony, if it is not raining!

the hall has a nice kitchen

This afternoon, I am setting to work on re-potting all these tulips. They are the duo-toned reddish-orange and yellow tulips that are such a beautiful combination. I found them at Lowe's last weekend on a three-for-the-price-of-one weekend special. Cha-ching!!

We need to save everywhere and anywhere that we can. This $2000 wedding has quickly gone over that dream just a bit. Not much, but we are pinching the pennies, now. Both families are teaching families, so none of us has a lot of spare change lying about. Not to mention this is our 2nd wedding in 8.5 months!! We are, however, intent upon an NICE party and celebration for family and close friends, but we know that we can cut corners here and there. I've already mentioned at least one specialty on the menu that was picked in this park: Blackberries! We will have blackberry tartlets for all who love them.
Tomorrow is our daughter's wedding shower, another sign of the final push towards The Big Day!