05 March, 2010

The Final Push

Jordan and I drove to the Park and lake today, the most gorgeous day we've seen in a long time. The Spring Peepers are singing 'en masse' which is a TRUE harbinger of the changing of the seasons. Spring has indeed arrived!

Check out this view!! We have many fun, family memories at this lake, so it is a rather special venue.

We are 14 days away from rehearsal and set-up for the wedding, so today was the day to get the final rental information calculated, reserved, and paid for. THIS makes it one of those milestone days. I went to the meeting center at the lake this morning to do exact measurements for our rental needs. To my relief, I believe everyone is going to fit! We have 125 confirmed coming to the wedding, and it is not as easy to figure out seating as one might think!

The park conference hall has 10 rectangular tables, but that is not enough. We will need to use at least three of those for hors d'oevres and the lunch buffet, and another one for the cakes. Calculating around those, then, we worked in some 60" round tables to fill in the gaps. Hopefully it will be a sunny, mild day, so we can put a couple of them outside if necessary, but we can also have the ceremony outside the hall, as well, and have the reception all pre-set and prepared in the hall.

outdoor area for gazebo and ceremony, if it is not raining!

the hall has a nice kitchen

This afternoon, I am setting to work on re-potting all these tulips. They are the duo-toned reddish-orange and yellow tulips that are such a beautiful combination. I found them at Lowe's last weekend on a three-for-the-price-of-one weekend special. Cha-ching!!

We need to save everywhere and anywhere that we can. This $2000 wedding has quickly gone over that dream just a bit. Not much, but we are pinching the pennies, now. Both families are teaching families, so none of us has a lot of spare change lying about. Not to mention this is our 2nd wedding in 8.5 months!! We are, however, intent upon an NICE party and celebration for family and close friends, but we know that we can cut corners here and there. I've already mentioned at least one specialty on the menu that was picked in this park: Blackberries! We will have blackberry tartlets for all who love them.
Tomorrow is our daughter's wedding shower, another sign of the final push towards The Big Day!



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wayside wanderer said...

I've enjoyed reading about your preparations and I know it will be really special and beautiful. I can't wait to see pictures!