07 March, 2010

Wedding Shower

I wanted to share some of the neat things my friend and her daughter made for Ky's wedding shower, which was yesterday. I especially love the gift boxes made of beautiful papers that Ky chose. They are filled with Hershey's kisses and tied with organza ribbon that matches some of the fabrics we'll have in the wedding decor.

I'll tell you about the heart sachets later.

Just have a few shots of the yummy spread provided by a dear friend for Ky's shower

We enjoyed the company of friends, those younger, co-workers of Ky at S'bux, and those of us who've known Kylie since she was born :-). We are blessed with such good family and friends from several church families and community. A couple of the neatest moments were:

Everyone sharing how they met Ky and how long they've known her; about their friendship with her and or with our family.

The next neat idea was my friend, Sylvia's. She had everyone share a favorite family recipe on personalized, sunflower stamped recipe cards. My sister-in-law and one of our oldest friends took this idea a step further by giving gifts of the exact items needed to make their favorite family recipe. I just thought that was so personal and thoughtful. I'll have to post photos of those items in another post. Really, it was so neat.

Our hostess took more photos, and I'll post those another time! She got some really neat gifts; personal ones that weren't just straight from the gift registry.


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