09 March, 2010

A few more details

We have chosen our cake and it is scrumptious! The bride's cake flavor is 'cuatro leches' which has a Latin-American flair. That's pretty cool if you ask me, since the kids met in [my] Spanish class almost five years ago. Ky wants each of the cakes to have a different toasted meringue texture on the outside but they will all be the same on the inside. Her daddy, my Hubster, is making the mahogany cakestands in various heights to display them on the bride's table. Picture to follow when they are finished :-).

I washed 164 cloth napkins in the last 24 hours. I'll be ironing them for a while, haha! These are in the wedding colors of persimmon, butter cream (or canary yellow), and chocolate brown. We have @ 165 rsvp's which include pre-schoolers and toddlers, so this should work just fine for us.

I got to rent more tables and chairs today as the rsvp number increased.

I also found a fantastic website to help me out with purchasing massive pounds of vegetables for the hors d'oevres table. It is also good for how much meat and veggies you would need to purchase for large parties and weddings.

I hope you enjoy this peek into our wedding planning journey, which is nearing an end before we know it. The big day is only eleven days away, and we want everything to be set up and ready ten days from now.


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