28 July, 2013

The Lazy Blogger

I have been so bad at blogging this year! Especially during graduation season and these summer months. You would think with fewer kids in the house I would have more time, but no! It isn't so. We do a bit of low-key entertaining/hospitality here and there and cook a lot from scratch, so we don't have much time to sit around and describe everything from start to finish during this season with the last two graduates. That includes my birding hobby. Though I have kept up with photographing and noting new species, we have just been away from social media more than usual.

We've graduated our last son, hosted two more birthdays, enjoyed two family weddings, and hosted a big fourth-of-July party since my last post on Hubby's 50th celebration. That has also meant a lot of de-cluttering and simplifying of "stuff" along the way.

I will try to do better and post more. I promise!