29 June, 2006

Finishing Press

Made for me today by Hubster aka Dread Pirate Sparsebeard :-) Isn't he just the greatest? He needs to put a finish on it, but it is basically finished. That's a good thing for a "finishing press." Ha ha.


This makes me think of a broadway song (from 42nd Street). "Come and meet those dancin' feet...on the avenue I'm takin' you to, Forty-Second Street. Hear the beat of dancin' feet [those hap, hap, ha-apy feet]..."

Inspired by
Leslie, whom (who?--I'm married to an English teacher, lol) I know in real life, I'm posting my shoes. Leslie was prompted by Randi's Get Real Monday post. This is not all of them. I can't find my espadrille style beaded black toe sandals, or my silk-style woven floral black-on-black symphony date dress pumps. These are some of my favorites. My toenails are not painted today, as they usually are! I like a soft, barely-there pinkish white, or a burgundy-brown nail polish.

Several of these shoes were given to me by my sis-in-law (who has a thing for shoes!) when she moved out of her big house several months back. They are more colorful, as I tend to be more practical in my shoe choices. Hers are also in brand new condition (she had so many she never wore some of them), but they are perfect for my symphony dates with the Dread Pirate Sparsebeard!

This really exhibits who we are/what we do, doesn't it? I've got cycling shoes, walking shoes, rafting shoes, hiking shoes for adventure and fun, comfy shoes, easy slip-ons, and some beautiful shoes for some beautiful moments.

Which pairs (There are two) do you think are my everyday shoes? it's a trick question :-) Virtual Toblerone to the one who guesses correctly!

Dread Pirate Sparsebeard

~sketch by Hubster of himself (c) 2006

Ours is an interesting and diverse family :-)

28 June, 2006

New hobby

While I'm expanding my skills in bookmaking and adding more tricks and supplies to our stash of tools, both our oldest son and daughter are taking up making handmade cards. This is a thank you card 15 yo dd made for a nice lady at hubby's school who often sends fancy tea home for her. If you look closely (click to enlarge), you can see the raised embossing she did in the corners. Wait till I show you the small booklet our 17 yo son and I made together yesterday. The first pictures we took of it didn't turn out clear, so we'll try again today. Son's SLR is broken at the moment, or I could post phenomenol photos of our projects!

My first day of teaching a bookbinding class went very well. Of course, one of my students is my best friend, and she works thoroughly and picks things up quickly. I'll post her project as soon as it is finished.

27 June, 2006


My great-nephew is on the left, and dear son, androcles is on the right. They became fast friends, and the little one wanted androcles to stay with him back at my brother's house. The fort is built from "tubage" that hubster keeps onhand for his afterschool kiddos.

26 June, 2006

Nature Study up close

These cute screech owls live in a tree just outside hubby's classroom window on the second floor at school. They were born at the end of the school year, and are now a little more shy, so they don't get this close to the windows anymore. He still sees them during summer school.
(click to enlarge)

25 June, 2006

Oh, My! Taiwan?

The Hubster has been asked if he'd like to go teach English in Taiwan for two weeks. Can you imagine? It all depends upon him getting his passport renewed, but what an amazing opportunity and summer work for him! Prayers are appreciated!

Update: The company/ministry found a couple of people who could stay on for two months (instead of just two weeks), so that was a quick answer. Hubby is motivated to renew his passport anyway, to be ready for any other trip that comes up. That in itself is awesome. I have always wanted him to be able to go on a misson trip, and he has wanted to pursue temp teaching jobs overseas just recently. This has given him the motivation to really go for it!


23 June, 2006

schedule update

Add to the schedule for the week:

Babysitting my precious great-nephew today, who is almost three years old. He loves guns (nerf, crossbows, what-have-you) so he will enjoy being with our boys! We keep a rubbermaid full of toddler toys onhand (up in the attic) for just these moments. We'll get down the Thomas wooden trains and tracks, as well.

Take dd to a b-day party tonight, to a card-making party tomorrow, then to babysitting tomorrow night.

20 June, 2006

On the schedule this week

~Drive the teens to various youth group activities
~Have a friend of birthday son stay over, so he can attend the big birthday party
~Co-host an outdoor water-fun birthday party for our newest teenager and his friend
~Lead CM bookclub at Starbucks (very enjoyable, convicting, enlightening, all at the same time
~Drive the teens to various social get-togethers
~continue decluttering excess stuff, organizing records, bookbinding supplies, rearranging books (need another bookshelf).
~Sweep and mop the floors, vacuum the dust bunnies
~Hand back American Lit. notebooks to my students
~Drive one teen to get applications/meet with prospective bosses
~Happy Birthday to me...somewhere in there!
~Eat grilled salmon for my birthday
~Host a brunch for friends of my teens
~Drive the teens to more youth group commitments
~Meet with one of my best girlfriends for a birthday dinner
~Drive oldest teen to worship practice
~Take 15 yo dd to make cards with friends on Saturday, visit with the moms while there
~Remember to thank the Lord that oldest son (a year and a half later than most kids here, but there were definite reasons for that) will get his driver's license in 2 weeks!

I mean Javamom

12 June, 2006

Vintage Book TLC ~ Needs work

Now that my press is ready, I can begin my next restoration!

10 June, 2006

My New Bookpress!

This press is Hubby's first press (and a very good one, actually). He plans to make a bigger one for use with multiple books.

08 June, 2006

Wish we were camping

While the kids are at camp, I am reminded of chaperoning the Junior High camping trip last summer. 'Twas a beautiful time! Except for the chiggers...and the spiders and bugs that crawled over us on the nights that we slept under tarps...But the cappucino was great, even in a plastic cup!

06 June, 2006

I have a bookpress! I have a bookpress!

I wish I could post a picture for you all to see what hubby made in the woodshop today, but the kids have taken the digital cameras with them to camp. I'll try to post a photo this weekend.

This first attempt is a small press that will work for standard or smaller books, or even for pressing hand-made paper. It was a warm-up for a larger one he wants to make next; one that will nip or press multiple books at one time.

I'm just so happy about getting my bookbinding home workshop all ready to go that I can hardly get started quickly enough. I've been working on a special journal book for a graduate, but other than that, I have two real binding jobs lined up already: one restoration and re-case and one binding project pages into a hardcover, handbound book. I'm off to purchase a few supplies!


05 June, 2006

How do they do it?

How do cats sleep like this? Tigger should be suffering serious back pain. This is his newest common napping place. Maybe the window sill is too sunny at this time of day.

01 June, 2006

Sweet project!

Hubby's latest project in the woodshop. Remember, we call him The Candyman!