04 August, 2015

Working on Recitation for an end-of-term program for parents

I wanted to share a few photos and brief descriptions of one of my classes in 
Poetry Recitation for an end of year program 


Performance day

For this performance, from a later term, the class chose "The Retired Cat" by
William Cowper

We staged a bit of a skit for the recitation of this one. 

Take time to memorize some poetry!
 It will stay with you - very likely sink down deep into your soul - for a very long time.


02 August, 2015

An Iliad - Retelling of the Trojan War

So proud all over again tonight. Our daughter's husband was just selected Omaha's best actor for his role in AN ILIAD!!! Way to go Daniel!

We saw it last Thanksgiving, and it was both wonderful and overwhelming. He played the role perfectly. It is a dark and heavy, given the subject. It is a two-person play...a world-weary poet and his upright-bass-playing muse. Fifty-three pages of lines!

It is well worth seeing, if you ever get the chance - especially if Daniel acts! Emotic√≥n smile

This is not Daniel's career (anymore). He is a techie by day. This is his third time to win this award, though, and I think that makes his award even more special, because he is not involved in theater as much as he used to be.

Those of you who know me or have followed this blog at all know how important Hubs and I think a Liberal Arts education and lifelong learning are. I am glad our grown children are still getting to be involved with the Arts. Makes this momma proud.

Play Review: An acting tour de force in retelling of Trojan War

An Iliad

Until next time,


01 August, 2015

Putting on Shakespeare Plays ~ CM Education

These photos are a couple of years or more old, but...
I want to affirm that both younger and older students can handle reading and performing Shakespeare. They just need to be given the permission of plenty of time to read it (in a class setting is more fun!) and narrate it over a term or two! Here are just a few examples from rehearsals for various Shakespeare plays in our CM co-op! I wanted to put these in one post, for easier reference.

Our Narrators ~ "All the world's a stage!"

Orlando (my son) and Oliver

Celia and Rosalind aka Ganymede

Orlando and Oliver in "As You Like It"

Orlando (my son :-) and his love letter from Rosalind


Hamlet and Laertes

Very intense moment between Hamlet and Laertes (and excellent acting by our cast)

The younger students are rehearsing for "The Tempest"

and they are doing a knock-out job

Do not be afraid to give Shakespeare a try with a few friends! Our group (the youngers) even performed for us in the backyard of one of our family's homes for an end-of-year picnic.

Take time to try some Shakespeare!


One of my favorite quotes ~

 I have been retired* from (official) homeschooling for over two years, but I am sharing one of my
favorite quotes because THIS is one of the main points of lifelong learning. I always keep it posted here at the cottage.

Take time to hear or see something beautiful


* though I still tutor and have been implored to continue teaching Spanish just a bit longer