02 August, 2015

An Iliad - Retelling of the Trojan War

So proud all over again tonight. Our daughter's husband was just selected Omaha's best actor for his role in AN ILIAD!!! Way to go Daniel!

We saw it last Thanksgiving, and it was both wonderful and overwhelming. He played the role perfectly. It is a dark and heavy, given the subject. It is a two-person play...a world-weary poet and his upright-bass-playing muse. Fifty-three pages of lines!

It is well worth seeing, if you ever get the chance - especially if Daniel acts! Emotic√≥n smile

This is not Daniel's career (anymore). He is a techie by day. This is his third time to win this award, though, and I think that makes his award even more special, because he is not involved in theater as much as he used to be.

Those of you who know me or have followed this blog at all know how important Hubs and I think a Liberal Arts education and lifelong learning are. I am glad our grown children are still getting to be involved with the Arts. Makes this momma proud.

Play Review: An acting tour de force in retelling of Trojan War

An Iliad

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