30 April, 2009

Spring at the Cottage

I really love Spring at our Cottage. There is not a lot of traffic around here...but the traffic *is* interesting and fun to watch!

The trees are already so full and green

These are our new fruit trees that we were given for hubby's birthday:

Red plum

Pomegranate tree

Pomegranate Blossom

What is spring like in your neck of the woods? Are you taking time to unwind and enjoy it?


23 April, 2009

Our garden ~ Upon The Anniversary of The Bard's Birthday

Onion row and rose bushes - the scent of these roses carries on the wind!

one view of tomato row

another view of tomato row

Mediterranean Globe Basil

First tomatoes - minor freeze damage (just a few days before Easter) is evident

onion top ready to burst!

part of onion row

The overwintered onions are about to explode on top

I'll post the peppers and other veg and herbs as soon as the sun nears sunset (better photos that way).

Our young garden from two weeks ago:

Upon this morn, hath this humble mistress the garden watered? Pray, didst she waiver from the duty? Yeah and nay--with such import didst she attend to it; didst embrace such satisfying tranquility. Much good it attends to her gentle heart."

Happy 445th Anniversary of Shakespeare's Birth, it's "Talk Like Shakespeare" Day!!

21 April, 2009

Study Helps

I wanted to post another example of one of the tools I use with students for practicing new phrases or vocabulary. It is equally useful when I am tutoring one on one, or for students to practice with on their own. I have several versions that I have for my "box of tools." I have a larger version for my "word wall" that I keep posted during certain class lessons. The ideal thing is for these words and phrases to have already been introduced ahead of time (a la Charlotte Mason method) and used in comprehensible stories. This is simply a "puzzle" of sorts for practice and for the beginnings of building writing and speaking confidence in the students.

If interested, Visual Link Spanish offers pretty much this same learning method on their software web site, the first 11 lessons are free! Once you get on their list, you receive notice for special offers on their products.


SeƱora Javamom

17 April, 2009

Birds and spring rain: a funny combination!

My brave cardinals who continue to visit our feeders in a downpour. Evidently they don't care about having a 'bad hair' day :-)

08 April, 2009

Snippets from another homeschool Prom

My high school prom was not even half this fancy, not to mention this large...but we did have some fun and there was always a good after party at Momma Mac's (our vocal music director) house that we would go to.

Our third (out of four) homeschooled high schooler, at his first prom. These are a lot of his friends. This shot happens to highlight Jordan and the girls, LOL.

Jord and his friends looking quite dapper!

Who says homeschoolers don't get enough socialization?

I love the white shoes :-)


veteran homeschooling mom of four, ages 14-20, who have always homeschooled.

03 April, 2009

Some of our regulars

This was taken about two weeks ago. It is amazing how quickly Spring has sprung here, ever since the end of February, actually.

Our Garden is going in nicely, now we hope the wind will not destroy our plants! It has been very gusty. I'll post garden photos when the wind dies down and I can capture a few good shots.

I also need to update the blog with some photos of our spring break family camping trip. The vacation time was so relaxing. When we returned home, we hit the ground running and only now is it about to slow down just a wee bit. We still have some big events that we've been getting ready for.

More on all that another day. Can't let any cats out of the bag just yet.