23 April, 2009

Our garden ~ Upon The Anniversary of The Bard's Birthday

Onion row and rose bushes - the scent of these roses carries on the wind!

one view of tomato row

another view of tomato row

Mediterranean Globe Basil

First tomatoes - minor freeze damage (just a few days before Easter) is evident

onion top ready to burst!

part of onion row

The overwintered onions are about to explode on top

I'll post the peppers and other veg and herbs as soon as the sun nears sunset (better photos that way).

Our young garden from two weeks ago:

Upon this morn, hath this humble mistress the garden watered? Pray, didst she waiver from the duty? Yeah and nay--with such import didst she attend to it; didst embrace such satisfying tranquility. Much good it attends to her gentle heart."

Happy 445th Anniversary of Shakespeare's Birth, it's "Talk Like Shakespeare" Day!!

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