21 April, 2009

Study Helps

I wanted to post another example of one of the tools I use with students for practicing new phrases or vocabulary. It is equally useful when I am tutoring one on one, or for students to practice with on their own. I have several versions that I have for my "box of tools." I have a larger version for my "word wall" that I keep posted during certain class lessons. The ideal thing is for these words and phrases to have already been introduced ahead of time (a la Charlotte Mason method) and used in comprehensible stories. This is simply a "puzzle" of sorts for practice and for the beginnings of building writing and speaking confidence in the students.

If interested, Visual Link Spanish offers pretty much this same learning method on their software web site, the first 11 lessons are free! Once you get on their list, you receive notice for special offers on their products.


SeƱora Javamom

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