07 May, 2012

The fledglings are coming around

Just within the last week, the various sets of bird fledglings have been arriving at the feeders with their parents, or running around in the yard digging for moths and bugs. All still enjoying that combination of being fed by their parents, and learning how to get their own food. We've spotted a (red) house finch family, several starling families (the biggest surprise for me!) and one large (or possibly two smaller) sparrow families.

two of the sparrow fledges - it is not hard to love their cuteness, even though they are such common birds.

May is exciting, because it has been very quiet while all the parents spent most of their times nesting. Now it is getting noisy outside again, listening to the chirps of all the little ones, while still hearing the mating songs going on with our other regulars, primarily the mockingbirds, the male cardinals that haven't found new mates, yet, and the red-bellied woodpecker.

What have you all observed so far this month? Let me know! I love hearing from you and about the variety of birds we all enjoy.