07 March, 2010

Sewing for the Wedding

This is what I'd love for us to be able to pull off!! Haha

We do have all the brown, yellowish-cream, and red-orange napkins that we could need, the canning jars, and some neat, old-fashioned items, which is a start.

One of the neatest ways to save money on a wedding is to do some of the sewing yourself, or find friends who can cut and sew and throw a crafting gathering. Provide snacks and drinks and enjoy the fellowship of friends and family. Talk about the possibility for Titus two moments and wonderful building of shared memories...this will do it!

We will probably stick with something simpler like the following that we put together on one of our craft days with friends:

We found the fabric on the clearance bins at our local fabric store, and the shades were exactly what we needed.

Here, you find us cutting and sewing together the wedding favors, which are heart shaped sachets.

Yep, that's me. I thought my eyes were going to swell shut from sewing at least 75 of these, then my friend (sitting next to me at the other sewing machine) handed me a chocolate and caramel Cadbury bar! It perked me right up.

The heart sachets are almost finished!

Tomorrow is another craft day. We'll bustle up Ky's dress so it is easier to wear during the reception. We'll also finish our centerpiece fabric cloth mats and sewing up the padded hearts. We plan to embroider on the hearts, as well.

We've a couple of birds to paint to look like Starlings, and we got our cake tasting finished today.

It has been a busy weekend, since we also moved our dd out of her apartment in the city, cleaned with her, and got half her things put into storage. All in the rain.

Yes, it has been a busy weekend.


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