28 February, 2010

Playing with Ideas

While we still have a few ideas to toss around, the details really are narrowing down.

Wreath to go above the fireplace. We may scatter some dark red berries throughout.

I'll probably put the brown color sheer or curtain on the outside and the cream lace on the inside. It's too windy to mess with it much more today. I like how the lighter organza brown looks, but the darker is heavier in weight so hangs better.

We have quite a few flower garlands for this gazebo, but may need to buy a few more strands.

Now, these are another one of the best deals I've found for the wedding:

Normally priced $10.89 per pot, these orangy-red and yellow, two-colored tulips were three for the price of one, just for this weekend! This is such an excellent deal, as you can see there are @ 15 in each pot.

Enjoying this journey ~


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