24 February, 2010


Ky and I completely wore ourselves out the last two days running important errands and shopping for decor and supplies. I scored extremely well just at Target alone while she updated the wedding gift registry. I made a mock arrangement to simulate the various ideas that we can put to use on any of the special tables: guest book, photo, and/or her cake table. We will pull from vintage things we already own, whether they be linens or pottery, grandma's quilt, a few things purchased at JoAnn's, plus add in what we found in the last 36 hours at two different Target stores.

Notice the 100% cotton napkins in coffee and persimmon just to the left below center. These were 1.74 per 4-pack. I still need to hit a couple more stores to snap up enough for the reception. I found three packs of six satin bows each for 97 cents apiece. We can stick those anywhere. I found the texture of a reddish-orange beaded charger that can add another layer to any of the tables under a centerpiece. It is not pictured here, but I got it for $3. The bird cages (2 small and 2 large) were $3 and $5 each. The red cotton quilt under all these items can be used for one of the tables: $7. It is actually a clearance item of 100% cotton and is really wonderful! Top it off with a couple of scattered vintage linens with a touch of persimmon red and the effect will be very nice.

The lace sheer and the brown organza sheer are my favorites. They're for the gazebo. The wreath hook is in brownish copper and I think we purchased four or six of them. One will go over the mantlepiece and the others on the doors, to hold wreaths which are not yet made.

I have 14 cream colored pots for potted wildflowers to line a balcony railing, add one or two to the mantle, or line a walkway toward the gazebo, weather permitting.

More views of the same ~ but I won't reveal more details here today. I want to keep some surprises for the big day :-)

Remember, these neat items will not all be in one place, but applied to tables, mantlepiece, a vintage red bike, and a gazebo, weather permitting!!

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