09 February, 2010

Bored With the Usual?

I just saw a piece of homeschool e-mail titled, "Bored with the usual? Try Unit Studies." Actually, you could fill in that blank with several different things, but my favorite (from personal experience) fits the following sentiment. It was my FB status update tonight.

"Uncle Wally and Aunt Sue at our house! Nice surprise ~ Love it. We've had so much fun and *fantastic* conversation. Education and learning, nature walks, art and art history, science, engineering, math, a little politics and religion. Got to ride around in their sweet Prius, too. I just love them."

They are some of the nicest, benevolent, smart people I know. And they are Democrats (imagine that. I can say that in this red state, and you might understand my subtle inuendo). I am moved and impressed by them in so many ways. I hope I can be more like them as I age, because they are more like Jesus than a lot of folks I've known in my lifetime.

Back to my advice, though, since this is not a post about my frustration with politics :-).

If YOU are bored with the usual, try this:

Have some of your favorite family members (or other smart people) over for some good food and conversation, sharing of quotes, travel photos,, stories, knowledge, and books. Your kids can learn a lot or at the very least be intrigued by your conversations, which will make an impression and can lead him or her to more thoughtful study. I can vouch for this method of learning and growth with MUCH passion. We've been doing this with our kids for over twenty-one years (unofficially. 18 yrs. officially since beginning 'pre-school' types of things).

Be encouraged,



Amy said...

Hi Kim! I found your blog through Julie's. It's nice to see you on the internet.

We love our big dinnertime conversations, with and without guests. The very best learning happens then - for the bigs and the littles.

Have a great evening!

Amy (Rogers)

Javamom said...

I should have included that these times with people whom you admire can also lead to more thoughtful, reasoned living. With this Aunt and Uncle, conversation happens all the time, even without food!

Javamom said...

Amy, Thanks for visiting my little booksncoffehaus :-)! How are you? It's good to hear from you!