16 January, 2010

Rearranging our Stories ~ literally

In January, we worked hard to reclaim and rearrange one of our library corners in the house. Books should be dusted well at least once a year, anyway, but we took this opportunity to de-texture the ceiling and re-do it to match the rest of the family room/dining room. We also made the area more inviting as a delightful reading corner.

pre-reclamation - there were boxes on the floor of things to donate. This had become a storage area, since it is so close to the back door of the house. We scraped the ugly popcorn ceiling to refinish in a pattern that matches the rest of the family room and dining area.

Tigg wondering what in the world are we doing

Half empty library nook, J helping out

nice protective window cover there. Haha.

Painting and putting up wainscotting. We already had all the supplies for the re-do from several years back.

library nook at night.

Ninety-eight per cent finished. Just need nice trim above the wainscotting and on the shelves on the right. After the wedding, we may well put the fifth shelf back in, just behind the chair.
Until then, we may put up some art above the chair. We have a painting done by my late grandmother, or I may put up a Norman Rockwell print of old Colonial Philadelphia.

Till the next project,

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