14 January, 2010

Favorite Things

This edition of Favorite Things is dedicated to the wedding planning/shopping. Our daughter, her fiance and I have been researching photos, websites and all sorts of ideas. She has been making notes while I take photos of ideas she and her fiance are settling on for the big ceremony and celebration. K's fiance has drawn and is finishing the painting of their wedding invitations.

These are the Perfect Shoes ~ Do they remind you of anything? They are patterned after the design of Danielle's shoes in the movie 'Ever After.' These are in ivory, while the Ever After shoes were in silver and white.

Table decorations. We hope to have Indian Paintbrush wildflowers to place in bottles. There may be something else in the water in the bottles, which will keep the little kids entertained.

The following informal bouquet is one idea dd has for the wedding ~

I bought these to place out on the front porch ~

Another idea for guest table centerpieces. I have a collection of pottery pitchers, and the kids like the idea of using them to decorate the tables. Sunflowers are one choice, but it all depends on what's most available. Dd loves wildflowers, so that is what she is hoping for.

Since tree leaves will be somewhat limited in mid-late march, we've come up with these tea lights to hang from various branches of our backyard trees.

One of my girlfriends, who is like an aunt to the bride, has bunches of ivy vines she needs to clip back in her yard. We are going to work together and use those vines to create our own wildflower heart wreaths.

We purchased these garlands and flowers already to post around the deck railing and in places on the second-hand iron gazebo we've purchased as a focal point for the service. I think we will wish we had more! Or, we can fill in the gaps with fresh flowers, perhaps.

I love symmetry when it helps to balance out areas that are not symmetrical, so I purchased 14 glazed pottery pots to line the deck. I told the kids that I liked them and would buy them for deck decorations in the spring anyway, and that they did not have to agree to use them for the wedding unless they really liked the layout and pots. I think dd was surprised at how it softens and dresses up the barnwood, so we'll either plant wildflowers or Tulips in them. I need to find four more at a different JoAnn's to have enough for the far railing to the left of where these photos end.

Do you like the look?

Ooooh, gorgeous lace we've already purchased ...

Another view of the bouquet idea ~

May or may not make some of these for the doors and windows on the house ~ Dogwood provides such a picture of early spring, but it may be the wrong shade of yellow for the look our dd wants.

Veil ideas ~

and a lovely, lovely shawl. Do I need this? I may go with a bolero or other jacket over my dress, instead. Easier to move around during the reception.

In case you are interested, this is where you can find those beautiful shoes!

I'll post a progress report when we get the gazebo assembled.

Javamom, mother of the bride :-)


Elicia said...

all of these things are so pretty! i'm excited for her :)

Javamom said...

Thanks, Ellie! This is a fun season :-)