03 January, 2010

Plans solidifying

There has been such a flurry of activity at the Booksncoffehaus of late, with the upcoming wedding of our only daughter. Booksncoffee Cottage is and will be "Wedding Central" for the next 2.5 months. Dd and her fiance have talked over many options for ceremony and reception set-up in our backyard, and we're putting those ideas into motion. Now we pray for a beautiful few days, so that rain won't mess up all those hopes. We do have a back-up plan, but the kids hope upon hope that we don't have to revert to those plans.

DD and I found the perfect dress, purchased over a dozen garlands and the same of dozen cream-colored flower pots, among other things. She found the perfect shoes, but is waffling on purchasing them...but they are PERFECT, so I am encouraging her to order them. No other shoe would be right on her, except perhaps ballet flats.

Amidst all the fun and chart-making, we also continue to homeschool, the boys taking one outside class each to round out their curriculum and add some fun with friends. I teach Spanish on Wednesdays in the home, so the boys have other friends coming here to learn and socialize, as well. It's a win-win situation! It is rather a comfort that so much of our life centers around "home," from home birthing in the late 80's through the mid-nineties, to home schooling, and now home-wedding! We all love the outdoors, so this is also an extension of that passion. Our oldest son's wedding last summer reflected that preference as well, when he and his wife married at a gorgeous park near the home of my in-laws.

So I take this rest-day to pause, to breathe, to reflect and regroup. It is an enjoyable ride, for the most part. Now it's time to get moving and "do the next thing!"

Javamom, whose New Year has started on a harmonious and vigorous note

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