20 February, 2010

Thoughts on Bridal and Wedding Planning

I spent most of today on laundry and wedding things. Threw in a batch of gluten-free brownies for good measure and it has been a fairly productive day!

Wedding planning as parents of the bride is much more detailed and involved than it was for us as parents of the groom last summer. And since this is our ONLY daughter, this particular angle will only happen once for us. Suffice it to say that I have enjoyed it immensely :-). This is such a neat (though a little bittersweet) season of life!

I have two formal dresses from which to choose for our daughter's wedding coming up exactly one month from today. It has been a cooler and wetter winter than normal, so I have been looking at various photos and patterns for making a wrap, bolero, or jacket to wear with either dress. Dd and I looked at patterns over a month ago, but didn't buy anything at the time. I spent the last hour or so pouring over dresses at Theknot.com, a fun and THOROUGH wedding planning site. I have narrowed down ideas and am ready to buy a pattern.

If I use my brown dressy dress (below) from our son's wedding last summer, I may add a couple of small details to it as well as a jacket or bolero. The jacket or bolero may be sheer or lace, or I may go with something that has embroidery on it. If I use a taupe formal that I also found last year, I will definitely keep the wrap or jacket more simple and perhaps shorten the dress a bit. I have found (but not yet purchased) shoes that would match either dress, being taupe with brown beading and sequins.

Shoe options! Aren't they pretty? I just love them and I think they are perfect!

We've added another ideal dessert to the dessert menu for the reception:

We pick these blackberries every spring at the park where the wedding is going to be, so we are going to make dessert tarts out of those that we flash froze last summer. Texans tend to call these dewberries, because they are a smaller variety of blackberry, but even texas gardeners, cooks and purists do not all agree. :-)

More updates to follow, as we are off to pick up the kids from the airport. They are returning from securing an apartment and job transfer information in Chicago.



I'm Sheila Atchley. said...

Honey, you will be drop dead gorgeous in either dress!!!

Javamom said...

You are very kind. I cannot wait to see your dress!

It's go good to have girlfriends both near and far who give their input and help me make a good choice :-). I will probably need a good wrap, though! I found one online that I *love* but it is not priced, so I know it is over my budget. If I could find a pattern (or make my own ;) then it would be fabulous. I should post the photo.