02 April, 2011

Veggie Garden Prep 2011

Heirloom tomatoes and peppers
Herbs and squash
Our organic kale seedlings

The kale is looking good! We started these about two months ago.

spinach, chard, kale, others

All these seedlings are just about ready to go in here. Today, hubs is working in the last bit of enriching organic matter. We had a lot of good compost from our bin this year, but with our clay soil, we still needed more good soil and manure.

Thankful that spring is here, and thankful for a gorgeous weekend!



Robin in New Jersey said...

Ohhh...I am so jealous...this is beautiful! I want a garden so badly. But with deer passing through my yard daily, eating every thing in their path, I would be a fool to work hard and plant one.


Javamom said...

Thanks, Robin!

You could, but you'd need to fence the whole area! LOL.