21 April, 2011

To a Child Born in April

Two of our four children were born in April, our married daughter and our youngest son, who is turning 16.

My husband, my mother, and sister, brother and my late Granny, and several nieces and nephews, also have April birthdays. We love April! This poem is for them (replace maid and lassie with 'Lad' for the boys ;-)

To a Child Born in April

by K.E.W.
Parents' Review magazine, 1893-94
vol. 4 pg. 361

Happy little April maid
Who in early childhood played,
In the father-tended glade,
All among the flowers!

Happy that thy mother's heart
Knows so well it's mother's part,
To be glad, for glad thou art
Babe of April joys.

Never mind the April showers
The will bring us lovely flowers;
God sends beauty, it is ours.
Wreathe thy happy brows!

Every little leaf and bud
Cowslip field and primrose wood
All for thee, to do thee good,
Skip then with the lambs!

Sing sweet April lassie sing
Thou art part of a joyous spring
Earth is thine, and Christ thy king
Praise him with the birds.

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