09 February, 2009

Football Season now over :-(...

We're going to miss football. We've recorded a few games that we can enjoy during the heat and humdrum of the summer. Today, of course, we watched the last official NFL game of the season. We were rooting for the NFC, of course! The Pro Bowl is fun to watch; players and friends from different teams getting to play together, earn a little more money, and provide a little more football excitement that we get to watch. We enjoyed watching Larry Fitzgerald get more post-season time, ultimately winning the MVP for the Pro Bowl. We sure wish the Cardinals had one the Superbowl, especially since they were the underdogs.

One of our favorite football players, Adrian Peterson (who played for OU in college football--our team), won MVP last year. It was good to see him play today, as well.

I like the diversity of players, and since we have one son who loves multiple players and is not just holding out for one team, it has been the busiest season of football watching that I've ever done. But I must say that I have enjoyed it! I like watching football with our boy. He and I really like OU best of all (and college ball is very exciting), though we both enjoy watching good players play well. We also have our preferred announcers.

Hubby and I are oldtime Cowboys fans, in spite of their ups and downs. The mark of a true fan is that you still have hope for your team, even when they have some off years. Ds and I listen to ESPN radio off and on during the week, listening to them whine or complain, and sometimes bring up good points. Well tonight we got to see a long interview with a Dallas sports reporter and our quarterback, Tony Romo, to get a couple of different viewpoints. What a breath of fresh air. People really need to keep life and sports in perspective. I know these guys get paid a lot of money, but their careers are relatively short, and not all players get great commercial endorsement deals. The flip side is, they should get about a decade to prove themselves, before we go criticizing them for saying something stupid (always seems worse taken out of context, too) or losing a playoff. I am with the critics, though, when players break the law and repeatedly engage in disorderly conduct.

Alright, that's my rare sports post for the year. We do enjoy football at the booksncoffeehaus, right along with our poetry, symphony, literature, radio shows, and foreign films. Yes, we are eclectic, but it keeps our connections with people broad and open!

Ciao for now,


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