27 May, 2010

Garden Surprise

Look what I found on the dill today...Caterpillars that will become swallowtail butterflies! One of my favorite things ~

The tiny one ~

(there are two that I saw that are this size)

And the large one ~

I thought about bringing them in to observe them in a jar, but I think I'll wait till closer to "chrysalis" time.
The summer is starting out pretty well. I've had a sore neck of late, but have enjoyed puttering around in my garden, bringing in the first harvest of snow peas and now enjoying the caterpillars.
How has your summer begun?


Javamom said...

That large 'pillar is really still pretty small. He just looks large in the close-up!

wayside wanderer said...

Ah, one of my favorite things, too!