03 November, 2010


Just a little brag. We miss our older two, grown kids and their spouses a wee little bit, but are very happy for them in their married lives out of state. They are making their own way, learning new things, cooking up new recipes, continuing educations, commuting by bicycle, racing bicycles, building bicycles, practicing their art(s), and then some.

Here are just a couple of handfuls of fun shots:

Our Daughter-in-love and daughter both ride with the organized ladies' rides from time to time.

Our oldest son, at CX racing practice

shots (above and below) during a race or two

Our daughter and her husband, enjoying a day with friends. The kids are doing great on this pedal car, since they both have been commuting to work via bicycle all summer (and some combination of cycling and the bus during inclement weather). That has changed as winter arrives, however. They just bought their first car together :-).

J and his wife will still be riding in the snow, though: They are all ready for it, having had their first snow of the season last week!

The youngest of our kids (behind me in the photo below) and I took a little road trip to see the marrieds this summer!

We had a very good time.

There was a concert in the park that we enjoyed

and visits to the bicycle shop where oldes ds works,

playing of games, eating of food, visiting Starbucks, and even a tiny bit of shopping.

We are all looking forward to being together again for the holidays!



tootlepip said...

Having the children grow up is a bittersweet time. Like you, I am so happy for them to grow and pursue their dreams but I miss them terribly. We have our two oldest out of state and neither of them are able to come home for the holidays this year.

Javamom said...

:-(. I know how that feels! We have to wait till next month to all be together.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, Pip!