02 March, 2011

New Book on my Wish List

Book 12 in the Number 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series comes out tomorrow, and I am pretty happy about that. I just purchased book 11 online about two weeks ago, because it is the only one that I have not been able to find used at Half Price Bookstore. It was hard to finish the final pages of book 10 and say goodbye to the ladies for who-knew-how-long at the time.
I began reading book 11, The Double Comfort Safari Club, just as soon as it came in. This series has been my choice of story before I fall asleep most nights these past few years. So knowing book 12 is coming out tomorrow helps me to "proceed" with book 11 at whatever pace each night allows, without feeling the need to make it last as long as possible, if you know what I mean.
I've recently gotten back on a kick of reading an author I hadn't read since the mid-nineties, the Anna Pigeon National Park ranger mysteries. Her novels are exciting, though sometimes pretty graphic murder-mysteries than are the stories Mma Ramotswe encounters in the mostly-calm pleasantries found in The Number 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series.
I'll write more about the Anna Pigeon novels another time (author Nevada Barr). For now, I don't want to spoil the simple joys and love for Africa and humankind that flows around and to the brim in the McCall Smith stories.
Time to go read!


I'm Sheila Atchley. said...

This series sounds lovely! I will check it out soon...

Hope all is well, dear Kim! Much love to you...

Javamom said...

It's going pretty well! Mom's cancer is shrinking! ptl!

Our youngest is still pretty negligent w/learning (including getting through his driver's ed handbook! Why did my "book-end" children pose the toughest challenges?