17 February, 2012

First Day of GBBC - Cedar Waxwings!

This has been the winter of Cedar Waxwings here at the cottage.

And this is the closest they have gotten to the house.

(all rights reserved. Photos by Javamom copyright 2012)

There was not better day for them to show up to be counted!

It is day one of The Great Backyard Bird Count.

And this was about 1/5th of the group that visited today. They drank together

and even seemed to wait 'patiently' in line for a second turn at the bird bath.

I don't mind that they left quite a mess behind. It will rain and wash it all away tomorrow.

We have enjoyed these interesting birds. I had no visual idea of how small they actually are. I thought they would be the size of a blue jay, but they are more the size of a female cardinal.

Are any of you participating in the GBBC this year??

Let me know!


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