28 September, 2013

Fall garden finally responding!

I tried planting last month, but it was still too hot and dry here to plant for the fall. Green chard, basil, other herbs, varieties of hot peppers, a couple of short rows of onions, and collard greens are still doing pretty well. Tomatoes are taking a break, but beginning to re-blossom once again. Beets and carrots are still growing from earlier in the summer. Only one red chard seed planted in late August managed to sprout and hang in there for me.

That means, nothing else came up and I had to try again about two weeks ago.

But after two good sets of rain and slightly cooler temps...finally, some success!

snow peas

kale (one spot of four)

Still waiting on new baby collards and sage to pop up. We shall see how it goes.

Happy Fall, Y'all!



Sheila Atchley said...

I am jealous, how is it doing now?

Javamom said...

The snow peas reach the top of the trellis and the kale plants are larger, too! Our tomatoes are not producing well, so I pulled most of them out this weekend. The red chard and collards are huge and gorgeous! The green chard is medium sized, and tender, like spinach. Yum! And finally, the basil is still beautiful, since I have been keeping them dead-headed and the three new mexico chiles plants are bursting with peppers!!

I picked the carrots last weekend, and we have green onions galore, that should last through the winter, as long as we don't have ice storms.