08 December, 2004

We finally got the tree up!


Leslie said...

Very pretty!
Is it is as skinny as it looks? Our tree is very fat and I don't like how much space it takes up.

Javamom said...

Yes, it is pretty skinny. The space issue was our main reason for buying it a couple of years ago. What it lacks in surface area because it is skinny, it makes up for in height. It is nine feet tall, but works out well in our LR. It is the only room in the house with a vaulted ceiling of 10 feet.

It takes a lot of lights~1200 or more! Every year it is typical to get most of the lights on, then my arms wear out before I finish the job. When I go back the next day to finish up, I find that some of the lights are not working (argh!) because of a short in the wires. I'm glad I like doing the lights, otherwise I'd opt for a smaller tree!!