22 February, 2005

Karl Haas died! *sniff*

"Good bye, Mr. Haas."
"Adventures in Good Music" radio host, Karl Haas, died on February 7, 2005, and I just heard about it today. He hosted the educational program for almost 50 years. His trademark, "Hellllo, everyone" can still be heard on our local classical radio station. One of the articles I read said that he hadn't recorded any new programs in the last two years, so we were already listening to re-runs. I plan on checking around to see if any of them are available for purchase on CD.

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Anonymous said...

Some people you think will go on forever and ever, I guess I thought Karl Haas would be one of those people. Kevin and I discovered him years ago when we were stationed in Germany. When we first got there, I had few friends, no kids, no TV, and often no husband. I'd sit at night listening to books on tape or Karl Haas while learning to quilt. Life did pick up and I became less pitiful (LOL), gaining friends and children, but I still enjoyed Karl Haas. If you find CDs, I'd be interested to know...