16 February, 2005

Newest Great-Nephew & Niece

Aiden and Hayley

I finally got to meet and hold the most recent "great" babies...twins! Hubby and I have *13 great-nieces and nephews* on my side of the family, one whom is in Heaven. They are so precious, and I love them all!

He smiles, and sleeps!--sleep on
And smile, thou little, young inheritor
Of a world scarce less young: sleep on and smile!
Thine are the hours and days when both are cheering
And innocent!
~ Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron), Cain (act III, sc. I, l. 24)

Sweet babe, in thy face
Soft desires I can trace,
Secret joys and secret smiles,
Little pretty infant wiles.
~ William Blake, A Cradle Song

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Anonymous said...

What sweeties! How old are they? I like the poetry choices.

God Bless!