05 January, 2008

Walnut Mandolin

The Dread Pirate Sparsebeard leads a woodworking and Lutherie club on Wednesday evenings with a group of his friends.

Below are photos of the project he worked on all through December. It is for our oldest son for his 19th birthday. This is his sixth mandolin, and Sparsebeard says it is his best, yet.

Spruce top and redwood ROSEwood bridge

hand cut abalone inlay and other headstock details

lovely grain of the walnut back

spruce top, rosewood bridge, fingerboard and headstock


Katie said...

Beautiful work! Thank you for showing it to us.

The Sparks Circus said...

Wow K! That is so beautiful! I can't believe that he has made that many mandolins, he has a real gift!
see ya soon

Birdie said...

Wow. I'm (nearly) speechless.