05 April, 2008

Yard and garden!

Spring is exploding around here!

underneath the wisteria

overwintered rosemary - buds and blossoms

my rose bush

swamp mallow


back row: (l-r) cilantro, jalapeño, strawberries, habañero,
middle row: spearmint, oregano, basil, parsley, thyme,
front: peppermint

Lettuces and cabbage, tomatoes and peppers toward the back

peppers and tomatoes

I've been having to clean under my fingernails again...and it feels good!



Anonymous said...

Can I come live with you? Your photos are so refreshing. Everything here is brown and dry and dead. I haven't seen anything start to bloom yet.

Robin in New Jersey

Birdie said...

How lovely and inspiring! At this point, I'm just hoping that SOMETHING we planted will grow. ;)

Carol said...

Oooh! Gardening! You maka my mouth water! (I say in jealousy, but also in gratefulness). The snow is still deep here, but the days are getting warmer and it is melting quickly.

I'll be going to Mexico next month for a weekend outreach. I'm very excited.