03 April, 2008

Blog spring cleaning

I've begun a little spring cleaning on the blog, taking off old links, rearranging a few things and such. I'm doing this as I can interspersed with working at Hubby's school, teaching, taking ds to football carpool daily now, and wrapping up a semester at our hs co-op.

Thank you to my handful of visitors who stop by every once in a while! Some don't post comments and that is fine, since you e-mail me ;-). The purpose of this blog is not to stir up controversy or complain about the state of things. I post to keep family members and friends up to date with our family. I also post to share my latest research in teaching a foreign language or Charlotte Mason, especially when CM is associated with foreign language learning. As I've stated before, the researchers and practitioners that I read now go back to M. Gouin and his research, just as CM did @ 100 years ago! So much of what these FL teachers talk about on a weekly basis on our TPRS teachers' list are these things:

~ Telling Back aka Narration
~ Dictado or Dictee aka Dictation
~ presenting a short list of new words at a time
~ learning to read in context
~ speaking in the target language in context, such as a nature walk in the target FL

So, that is my area of joy and research these days, besides teaching three or four Spanish classes each week and also homeschooling, I stay pretty busy and am not able to post as much as I'd like. But maybe that will change in just a few weeks!

One thing I have added is a list of blogs of some of the ladies in my local CM book club. I have given up on the international AO blogring, because I can't get the html update to work and can't really access my account at RingSurf. I may start over again fresh this summer, but right now, I just don't have that kind of time.

Thanks again for continuing to stop by~

Trying to keep things simple!


Jubilee said...

I read your blog all the time, Javamom, though I rarely comment. :) Thanks for adding me to the list!

tootlepip said...

I read your blog all the time too! I have you on my bloglines and get excited everytime I see a new post to read!


Mama Squirrel said...

Just stopping by to say hi! Your FL research is always interesting!