29 March, 2008

Currently listening to...

Because I am in a bit of a quirky and slightly wistful mood...I am loving this CD borrowed from Sparsebeard's co-worker and Spanish teacher friend.

The songs range from a lively, Latin flair to mellow and even haunting, with styles from classical to ballad to Latin, in languages from English and Spanish to French and Greek and more.

The group is comprised of a 14-piece group on vocals and instrumentals. I love it's international flair.

The song titles are: Amado Mio, No Hay Problema, Qué Sera Sera, La Soledad, Dónde Estás Yolanda, Andalucia, Song of the Black Lizard, Never on Sunday, Brazil, Lullaby (which I recognize from one of my favorite foreign films, "The Girl From Paris.")

Check out samples of the songs here.

I am absolutely loving it... :-)


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