20 March, 2008

extended spring break!

Our spring break has been spread out over two weeks, b/c our 19 yo surprised us with a visit from Omaha last week. I postponed one class till this week, which really is our official Spring Break from co-op and hubby's break from his school.

We've done some spontaneous things, like meeting friends in the city for ds to reconnect with them. We've invited groups over for lunch, rented Audrey Hepburn movies, and also put in our garden. We began prepping and priming the boys' room for new paint, then got a deluge of rain for about 24 hours, which slowed our progress.

Today, 14.5 yo ds and I are back to the painting, while hubby re-wires our sprinkler/septic system, which burned out under our deluge of rain earlier this week.

So instead of camping, which was our initial plan, we've taken care of some much-needed home maintenance things and spent time with family and friends.

All-in-all, a very productive and successful time so far!

What are you doing for spring break? Have any special Easter plans?

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The Sparks Circus said...

We had our own raining issues, inside the house. we had it coming through the front door and the ceiling above the front door and in the boys room closet. Well I guess when it rained it did pour LOLOLOL
See ya Friday