08 March, 2008

Rare March Tx snow - again

You can barely see the boy stooping down to make a snowball.

Our second snow of the week, and a rare one, at that. The last time it snowed in March (besides earlier this week) was when our oldest was ten weeks old! The last time it snowed multiple inches in March was sometime in the early 1920's. We were all giddy about it here, and ended up getting a day off from our co-op the next day, because of icy traffic conditions early the next morning.

I spent a lot of the day in the kitchen, preparing cold-weather dishes like Vegetable Beef Stew and Black beans and rice, plus cornbread. Dd brought home hot, fresh bread from the bakery, after seeing a dollar movie with friends.

It was like playing hookie! I love the break from the regular routine.


Birdie said...

Your pictures are lovely! We really enjoyed the snow, too. The children were even motivated to build a couple of rather muddy snowmen. ;)

Anonymous said...

I never knew it could snow in Texas! Here in New Jersey while you were getting snow, it was raining. Now the ground is bare and my kids are sad that we only had snow 3-4 times and only 2 of those times was it enough to sled and build a snowman!

Happy Sping!