22 November, 2008

Project with dd and her friend

They wanted to make blank journals and cover them with old book covers. They asked, is this possible and could I do it? Well, of course it is possible and I told them I would show them what to do! The week after our discussion, these creative artists went with me to a localish art festival and there were dozens of just such books being sold for big bucks. That is okay, because we were going to make our own, anyway! We did get some grand ideas for titles to look for in the future, though.

*notice the pottery bowl. This is one of the things I bought, since I am not trained in pottery. It is the newest edition in the cottage. I buy a new one from this particular artfest every couple of years.

Andrew working on his journal book

Ky working quickly on hers. We were limited on time as they were about to leave for Mississippi for a week.

The finished books. Not bad at all for the kids' first effort and for being in a hurry.

We did trim the little strings on the edges.

And now they have something new to sketch and write in on their holidays in Mississippi.


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sherfie said...

I love this idea! I want to make some! Do you have directions on how to make them? Please email me sherfergirl (at) gmail (dot) com