29 January, 2009

Latest Restorations

Spine almost completely separated from this sweet board book

An old dictionary whose front cover is very loose and torn.

splitting the rest of the spine to begin repairs.

Exposing the spine of the dictionary to begin cleaning and repairs.

Layers of old spine material: Spine, mull, glue, endbands

Cleaning off the old "gunk" :-)

The spine is now all cleaned off and ready for a new spine!

Spine now exposed for repairs

Adding an extra (color-mathced) lining to help strengthen the spine and attachment to the board book

New hinging material, and new spine

That color matched tissue is going in here, to seal up any holes and tears on both the head and tail, and along the sides. You might be able to notice some splitting of the cloth on the spine edge (toward the middle of the photo)

This is the progress so far. I'll post the final results as soon as I get them finished!



Sheila said...

Feel better SOON, beautiful lady! How come you are having to take pain pills? Are you okay??


Javamom said...

I had a back tooth go bad over the six month. It began to break up and I lost the filling of the root canal. So it was time to get it removed surgically. The silver lining in this: The tooth in front of it had been repaired over 20 years ago, but it seems that when it was done, a small metal file was left (broken off and unreacheable by a basic dentist), which is not completely unheard of. Well, it traveled back toward the root of the tooth that was removed today, and I think the surgeon said he was able to get it out!

I also chose to have an implant put in today as well, as we had enough in our emergency fund to do so, thanks to the Lord bringing be Spanish students to teach in my home this past year and a half.

So, just a couple of pain meds necessary for the first day or two, then I should be able to take plain old tylenol.

Now to obey all my Dr.'s orders for proper healing. The first one being (and I quote :-) "Limit talking and enjoy the peae and quiet!! The micromovement of your mouth while speaking dislodges the tiny cells trying to do their job.

Bwwwahahahahaha! I love that! Thanks you for your sweet message. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

I take this as a good excuse to let the kids make smoothies for me and sit and watch movies with me when they have some time. Ky took me by her Starbucks on the way home and got me a protein shake (Vivano) made with mango, banana, and green tea...I *highly* recommend it! It turned my gauze green though, but I was instructed not to change the first gauze for almost an hour before changing.

Thanks for checking in on me!
So thoughtful and I really appreciate it!

Java---Smoothiemom (for a few days or so!), off to lie back down again.