15 July, 2009

Big, busy summer

(jute engagement ring)

Summer has been full to overflowing, ever since Ky's graduation and move, our family reunion and party all in late May, family company in June, and The.Big.Wedding.of.Our.Firstborn. We housed all the groomsmen here at the cottage and so enjoyed getting to know a little bit of J's friends in Omaha.

On the calendar for the remainder of the summer, a.k.a. "What to do next?" Rest. Slowly reorganize parts of the house most used for study and learning. Travel, perhaps Boston. Take more photos. Tend the vegetable garden and the pears.

Whilst pondering the "what comes next," I'll post more than a few photos from the big event of July. More are on Facebook and more are still yet to be given to us by Hubby's parents, also professional photographers.

One of the coolest parts early in the ceremony? The last two attendants to walk the pathway of the ceremony are the photographers whose work is represented here. They each had their Canon Digital Rebels on their shoulders. As soon as the bride entered with her father, they split from the pack and went back to work capturing these moments. Enjoy ~

Our son, Jonathan, our new daughter-in-love, Ashlynn, and their former youth pastor, Alf.

Love those bare feet!

Thumbs up!

photographer on the right is my father-in-law

Prepping for a family photo ~ Holden, Ky, Ashlynn, Jonathan, me

Most of the proud parents with the bride and groom :-). We are looking over toward Hubby who is still working his way over to where we are posing.

The barefoot attendants

Tattoo rings! Pretty smart for the jobs they do.

sisters now!

Successful day comes to a quiet end.


tootlepip said...

Congratulations! It looks like it was a beautiful and personal wedding! The time is flying and the children are growing and lives are and will continue changing.

Javamom said...

Thx, Tootle...it was a very personal wedding. We are soo, soooo happy for them. Time really is flying; the days may be long, but the years fly by so quickly! We are enjoying each new stage quite a bit...how about you and your family?

Robin in New Jersey said...

Congratulations! It looks like it was a lovely wedding. I think personalized weddings are wonderful. They look so happy.

Kathie Truitt said...

I love the free-spiritedness of your family.

Javamom said...

Thanks, Kathie! Me too. I am blessed.