22 July, 2009

Wedding Photos pt. 2

Pre-wedding, pre-haircut

Jonathan waiting to escort the moms

Scott and Ashlynn - Here comes the bride!

The vows

Bridesmaids (feet)

Groomspeople's (feet)

Our larger family!


Leslie said...

These are great pictures. Tthe wedding looks like it was very special and very reflective of the bride and groom. I love the setting...so lush and green. Congratulations!!!

Sheila said...

sweet, sweet, sweet! Have you recovered?

Girrrrrrl, let's DO have some coffe next week! I have a committment Tuesday, but I can get out of it. My only time I could not is the 31st - that is my twin girls' birthday.

Let me know...I need to somehow give you my cell phone number privately.

Javamom said...

You can send it privately through FB, or even better, my e-mail (then I can delete this message)
to Booksncoffee at aol dot com.
Do you know of a good campsite near Knoxville for Monday night? We have found a couple through AAA maps, but any personal recommendations are always better :-).

Javamom said...

p.s. I have recovered, but then I helped Andrew repaint the bedroom which is now his own space ;-). I'd finally recovered from that, then I scraped my foot on a nail-head on the deck about a week ago. (and thanked the Lord that my tetanus shot was up to date). I'm finally mostly recovered from that, and am able to walk more normally once again!