14 September, 2009

Next Betrothal

Sunset proposal on a sailboat on one of our local lakes ~ What a romantic! He chose their special anniversary to propose. They've been friends for five years, though he lived in another state far and away for about a year, and we thought we might not ever see him or his family again.

She was surprised when he got down on one knee...

She said "Yes!"

temp ring. They went ring 'shopping' just after this cruise.

The newest couple in our family at our recent outing to hear Tommy Emmanuel and his phenomenal guitar antics.

Betrothed Happiness

tattoo engagement rings ;-)

I have a busy six or seven months ahead of me once again!

whose family is growing!


Elicia said...

oh goodness exciting!!!!!!!!!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Congrats! Yup...the family is growing and it will just keep gettting bigger!

tootlepip said...

Congratulations! Yet again!