13 October, 2009

Online Justice Class

Harvard University's Justice with Michael Sandel is an interesting, engaging course that I found last Sunday. The particular course was delving into John Locke's treatises and applying them to specific situations our country has found itself in many times. I am thrilled that it is free and online, and not just available through TV. I stumbled onto the program on our local(ish) TV, non-cable channel thanks to our digital converter box. I was engaged right from the start, so I'm sharing it here in case you can use it in your homeschool high school, as I am going to do, since we are studying American History and some current events this year and next.

If you come up with any ideas of how you are going to use it with your teens, post them back to me, and maybe we can share info or activities.

Ciao for now,


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