17 December, 2009

Took care of some wedding plans today

My daughter and I went on a quest to make some more solid plans toward her and Andrew's spring wedding.

We had a sumptuous palette of colors from which to choose, as all brides (and their helpers) do ~

We narrowed down the colors ~ Our story begins this way. Ky is our only daughter of four children. Our oldest son is already married.

For every Birthday for our daughter, I would clip yellow and cream-colored roses from the rosebushes outside, along with Indian Paintbrush that I'd planted in the yard, or that we'd collected on a nature walk to put in vases for her birthday in the spring. So, she thought it only fitting to have them in her spring wedding, as well!

Possible centerpieces, still needing that red-orange of the Indian Paintbrush:

Flower colors: It may be a little too early for Indian Paintbrush, but we are going to try to force them and coax them out early. Also on the docket: the Yellow Rose of Texas, of course!

Possible ends-of-isle flower holders, with some tulle and extra ribbons or rafia:

Also purchased today:

And one possible pattern, which I will not show you yet ;-)

Happy Javamom

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