10 December, 2009

Of Chore Charts and Scheduling

A friend asked me to post this family schedule/chart over a month ago, and I am finally getting to it. Below, find a photo of my copy of the Alcott Family chore chart that was posted at "Hillside" which was later renamed to "Wayside" by Nathaniel Hawthorne after he purchased the home. This is where, when the girls were younger, they played "Pilgrim's Progress" on the front staircase and made up other plays complete with costumes. (the small trunk and some of the original costumes reside in Orchard House, just to the left next door, where the family later moved after Elizabeth's death).

(our visit to Hillside, aka Wayside ~ summer of 2009)

The Alcott girls were homeschooled by their father for much of their education, and also had a tutor come in (in this chart, it is a Mr. Lane). We know that money Louisa earned from writing went to send May to study art and painting in France.

The family awoke at 5 a.m. and took very cold baths, something that Mr. Alcott was very keen on. (Brrrrrr!) The girls had some 'recreation' aka chores in the early morning, overseen by Miss Foord, and did sewing, had conversation, and reading in the evenings with their mother and Miss Ford. (spelled two different ways on the chart, perhaps b/c of space?)

(click to enlarge)

Note the high expectation of the girls: "Vigilance, Punctuality, Perserverence. Promt, Cheerful, Unquestioning Obedience. Government of Temper, Hands, and Tongue. Gentle Manners, Motions, and Words. Work, Studies, and Play distinct. No interchange of Labors."

Our guide noted how different most of the world is today...and not for the better.

What other significant things do you notice about their routine that stand out to you? Espcially my Charlotte Mason educating friends?
Can't wait to hear from you, and sorry for my laxity in keeping up with the blog of late. I will post on that another time.

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