18 November, 2009

Behind The Wall: The Story of Birgit Lindemann

This is a cross post, so that they ladies in my book club can have a direct link to an interview I discussed in our meeting earlier this week. Apologies to my FB friends who've already seen this.

Behind The Wall ~

*Fantastic* interview from Birgit, who was raised as a "young pioneer" in East Berlin and how the fall of the Berlin Wall changed her and her family's life. Go listen!! Let your kids listen to this. Fantastic personal account of this time in history and what it was like for children of parents who loved their party and towed the party line. She also touches on what she thinks now about kids in Berlin who never knew what it meant to have a wall (real wall and political wall) dividing you from loved ones and privileges that you can only smell and imagine.

Take some time to reflect on history


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